Net-Zero Walls

Built with innovative and lasting materials

The Net-Zero Quad-Lock System encompasses these components:

  • Panels made of EPS, available in 2 thicknesses (57mm and 108mm) and with optional Fastening Strips
  • Ties made of High Density Polyethylene (5 standard lengths plus Extender Ties and Brick Ledge Ties)
  • Corner, Angle, Window, and Straight Brackets to eliminate bracing at corners and build bucks or end caps
  • Metal Tracks & Wire Top Ties for starting and finishing the wall assembly

How It all works

These components allow assembly of all concrete forming for your walls, including corners, arches, any angles, columns and pilasters, as well as T-Wall connections. Transport and storage costs of Quad-Lock are substantially lower compared to pre-assembled block systems. Ordering and keeping track of inventory is easier (you would need at least 45 different parts to do the same with pre-assembled blocks).


'ICF' Insulated
Concrete Forms

Six different standard wall widths are available (nominal concrete widths of 350mm, 300mm, 250mm, 200mm, 150mm, and 100mm) and can be combined with the Quad-Lock Extender Tie to add 305mm to any standard cavity size./p>

Many insulation values are possible, giving you the choice of true U-values of 0.28, 0.20, 0.15 and lower.

net-zero walls 



Net-Zero Walls.

ICF systems provide energy efficient values which exceed current building codes. Our standard panel provides a U-Value of 0.21 and selecting from our range wall insulation thicknesses we can achieve values as low as 0.12.

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Net-Zero Floors and Roofs.

Net Zero offer our unique I-Foam roofing solution to compliment the build. Low values, ease of installation and competitively priced.

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Retro Insulation System

We are able to supply both slab insulation and passive slab insulation designs.

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